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 Junk removal in Paris 75001

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Mastoc Débarras offers customized solutions to meet your clearance needs in the prestigious 1st arrondissement of Paris.

Whether you want to declutter your apartment near the Louvre or clear out basements in the neighborhoods of Rue Saint-Honoré, we are here to assist you. With special attention to detail and the specific requirements of each corner of this arrondissement, such as sometimes challenging parking, we ensure a prompt and efficient intervention to address your needs.

Apartment or cellar clearance


Sale, succession, departure to a retirement home, accumulation... We clear your bulky items of an object  to several tons, sometimes in the form of free storage.  

If you have interesting objects and furniture, we take them into account as a deduction in the value of our estimate. So in some cases it may be a free riddance. 


We respond to quote requests as soon as possible. Appointment for a  clearance quote in PARIS 1st arrondissement in our contact section.​

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Steps of your clearance


Our clearance company is committed to providing you with a complete and transparent service. We start each project by establishing a detailed quote, whether for a paid or free clearance. Our team then travels to the site to assess the work required, ensuring an accurate estimate. Once the costed estimate has been established, we send it to you quickly for your validation. Whether it is a small quantity of objects to be cleared or a large task, we respond with professionalism and ensure that the work is carried out optimally.




During the clearance process, our priority is to empty what needs to be emptied in a methodical manner. We also take care to scrupulously respect the common areas of your building in order to guarantee an intervention without inconvenience for you and your neighbors. In addition, our company is insured for civil liability, thus offering you total peace of mind regarding the safety of our intervention.​​




Once the clearance is complete, we don't stop there. We do everything we can to ensure efficient sorting of collected bulky items, thus promoting their recycling and reuse when possible. The different materials are separated and sent to the appropriate recycling centers or recycling centers. Our commitment to responsible waste management is reflected in a rigorous environmental approach in each of our interventions.

Free quote - Call or fill out our contact form

Some examples of clearance in PARIS 1st:

Removal of bicycles place des 2 écus

- Removal of small objects rue du Marché Saint Honoré

- Removal of a sofa rue Saint Honoré

clearance Paris 1
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