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 Junk removal in Paris 75001

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Since 2017, we offer you a responsive and professional disposal service

We clear apartments, commercial premises, cellars and all types of premises in the 1st arrondissement (Rue Saint Honoré, Châtelet, Les Halles, rue du Louvre, rue de Rivoli, Palais-Royal, Etienne Marcel, Pyramides, rue Quimcampoix, rue Saint Denis, Boulevard Sebastopol, etc.). We adapt to the specificities of these neighborhoods where it is not easy to park.

We offer a free disposal service in case  sufficient revalorization of objects.

Apartment or cellar clearance: 


Sale, succession, departure to a retirement home, accumulation... We clear your bulky items of an object  to several tons, sometimes in the form of free storage.  

If you have interesting objects and furniture, we take them into account as a deduction in the value of our estimate. So in some cases it may be a free riddance. 


We respond to quote requests as soon as possible. Appointment for a  clearance quote in PARIS 1st arrondissement in our contact section.​


We draw up an estimate for paid or free storage. We travel to evaluate the work. We will quickly send you a cost estimate.

We come with an adapted vehicle and our pick-up equipment. Each of your requests is unique: small quantity or large task, physical or messy work, we respond with professionalism.



We return the premises perfectly emptied. We respect the common areas of your building. Insured in civil liability, we guarantee you a safe intervention.



Bulky items are sorted for better recycling. They are deposited in the landfill.

Free quote - Call or fill out our contact form

Some examples of clearance in PARIS 1st:

Removal of bicycles place des 2 écus

- Removal of small objects rue du Marché Saint Honoré

- Removal of a sofa rue Saint Honoré

debarras Paris 1
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