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Emptying an apartment

The clearance you need

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Emptying an apartment with a view to selling it, as part of an inheritance, moving to a retirement home or for another personal reason is sometimes a must. Do it yourself or seek knowledge proving embarrassing, the distance  geographical location leaving no solution, evacuation and disposal taking too much time in your agenda, are these constraints that concern you?

We remove of all kinds of furniture (wardrobes, sofas, beds, tables, mattresses, country sideboards, sofas, etc.). household appliances (washing machine, dishwasher, stove, refrigerator), perishable foodstuffs, clothing, paper and cardboard, rubble...

We travel free of charge to estimate the bulky items to be evacuated . We draw up the most precise clearance estimate that we send to you quickly, having taken into consideration all the technical and logistical factors and constraints (garability, access to the place, weight of the furniture and objects to be cleared, etc.). If necessary, we can help you with additional cleaning solutions.

Paid removal

Get rid of your furniture, objects and bulky items to deposit them in the recycling center. There is nothing recoverable, the whole is taken to the recycling center.


Free clearance in Paris

In the context of a removal including recoverable objects and furniture, we take into account in the establishment of the estimate of interesting objects and furniture. Our proposal is deducted from the amount of the service and depending on its importance, the removal can possibly be free.

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We act punctually, provided with a moving permit if necessary.

We work quickly and calmly, avoiding disturbing the neighborhood.

Sorting bulky items and waste

When clearing apartments, we sort the various bulky items. We separate paper, computer equipment, paints, rubble, etc... in order to send them to the most appropriate recycling channels. We take the eco-responsible part of our activity to heart.

Professional liability insurance

We are covered as part of our business. Our services are carried out in complete safety.

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