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Emptying a cellar

Take advantage of our know-how and clear your cellar without delay.

We empty many cellars. They are often a place for storing objects and furniture  that have been unused for a long time and now cluttering up the space, luggage, paint, wood... or even coal.

They are sometimes dusty, filled with cobwebs and humidity. Their removal causes the raising of unpleasant and irritating dust, one quickly gets dirty and hits one's head on it.

One finds in these cellars sometimes heavy objects to carry and sometimes the route from the cellar to the street is long and winding.

cellar to clear

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The cellar clearance process

cleared away in a cellar

If you need to empty your cellar, visit our contact page to make your request. We move according to your availability to establish a free quote. This is based in particular on the quantity and weight of what he has to get rid of, which determines the cost of the means to be implemented up to the deposit in the recycling center.

After the validation of your cellar clearance in Paris, we intervene to proceed with the decluttering.

Equipped   professionally (protective clothing, light, tools, rubble bags...) and rolling in utility vehicles, accustomed to dark cellars, to various bulky items on stair climbs, our experience allows us to get rid of quickly.

In addition, we rake dirt cellar floors or sweep concrete floors. 

Finally, we also make sure not to leave traces of our passages in the common areas. 

Bulky items are taken to the recycling center for the most appropriate recycling because you can count on our eco-responsibility.

Contact us for a free estimate for a cellar clearance. We intervene quickly in case of emergency and we ensure an efficient, discreet and neat work . 

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