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Emptying a storage, garage

Quick box clearance

The boxes, when not occupied by cars, are practical storage rooms and sometimes become the place to deposit various bulky items, interesting or not. You empty as part of a sale, to free up space for a vehicle, to return a box. These are sometimes urgent requests and we adapt as best as possible to your wishes.

As Parisian boxes are usually in basement car parks with limited height, for this type of clearance we prefer a utility vehicle of less than 1.90 meters in order to load bulky items directly in front of the box. Not all basements and their access ramps are suitable for the passage of a vehicle of this type; in this case, you must leave the vehicle outside and use the stairs and elevators in the parking lot.

clearance box

We travel to establish a quote taking into account the accessibility, weights and volumes of the different types of bulky items, any dangerous or toxic products present; estimating the weights and volumes of the clearance to be carried out and the recycling channels to be implemented.


On clearance day, we will act efficiently and return the garage to you cleaned and free of bulky items and dust. Go to the sectioncontact for a quote request.

Some examples of box storage:

- Empty a box rue de Vaugirard, clearance of various objects.

Box clearance in the 18th rounding, tricky access.

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