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Emptying a storage, garage

Our clients often ask us to intervene to empty boxes in the context of real estate sales. These are often urgent requests and we adapt as best as possible to the wishes of our customers.

Parisian boxes are usually in underground car parks with a limited height, we prefer for this type of storage a vehicle of less than 2 meters in order to load bulky items directly in front of the box.

clearance box

We travel to establish an estimate taking into account accessibility, the different types of bulky items or dangerous products; to establish the weights and volumes of the storage space to be carried out.

On the day of the clearance, we will act effectively and return the garage to you cleaned and free of all
its waste, its bulky items. The waste will be evacuated to a recycling center and will follow
a recycling cycle.

Some examples of box storage:

- Empty a box rue de Vaugirard, clearance of various objects.

Box clearance in the 18th rounding, tricky access.

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