Junk removal FOR YOUR BUSINESS 


We remove your desks, cupboards, computer equipment, documents and objects that have become useless in the course of the evolution of your business. You can consider us as a privileged partner in your decluttering. Mastoc Debarras frequently works for real estate agencies, start-ups and warehouse owners. You can count on our discretion not to interfere with your activity during our intervention: we know how to make us forget.


Nowadays, computer equipment evolves quickly and quickly becomes obsolete. Equipment renewal is frequent in companies. For this type of need, Mastoc Debarras offers you its low cost junk removal formula.




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As a business manager or administrative manager, you know that it is necessary after a few years to destroy your archives. By this operation, you clear up obsolete documents that you had the obligation to keep and you gain storage space


We will be your privileged partner in this operation where confidentiality is essential. W e collect your archives for destruction, we provide you with a certificate guaranteeing the destruction of the archives and ensuring that they are not disclosed.


We have the experience and the know-how to move heavy and bulky objects specific to your commercial and industrial activities.



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