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Clearance for businesses in Paris, France

We remove cardboard up to complete offices

We clear out offices in Paris, disposing of furniture and  various types of professional equipment, whether obsolete or not, furniture, documents, packaging boxes, and other items.


We handle clearance services for businesses and service providers.  We are accustomed to working with an international clientele. You can rely on our professionalism to efficiently manage your requests with prompt and discreet intervention. Trust in our Parisian expertise and let us handle your clearance.

We manage all types of clearance in Paris, whether for clearance of professional premises, businesses, stores, showrooms, workshops, storage rooms, archives, etc. We take care of all stages, from the assessment of goods to be emptied to transport and waste management. We are aware of the importance of protecting the environment and we strive to sort and recycle everything we can.


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Your professional clearance in Paris according to your needs

Clearance of furniture, equipment and various bulky items

We remove your desks, cabinets, computer equipment, objects that have become useless and any other type of furniture as part of the evolution of your business or the cessation of your activity. We are available to help you manage the transition by removing your bulky furniture professionally.


Clearance of commercial premises

We dismantle structures, displays, shelves, wooden or metal shelving, different types of professional equipment, we remove reception terminals, we empty sheds and storage rooms.  We handle all types of objects.Contact us if you need to clear out commercial premises.

Clearance of documents, papers

If you are required to destroy archives in accordance with current regulations, we can route them to the appropriate channel and issue you with a certificate of destruction attesting that the documents have been destroyed in accordance with legal requirements. If you are not subject to a destruction obligation, we will take care of the management of your documents by sending them to the paper recycling channel.

Clearing out boxes

We evacuate boxes urgently, on behalf of companies being installed in new premises in Paris or for reasons linked to one-off situations such as the delivery of new equipment. We are proud to take sustainability into account in all our activities and contribute to a greener future for our planet.

Clearance of special products​

We pay particular attention to the recycling of batteries, batteries, etc.artouches, toners and toxic products. It is crucial to recycle these products to preserve our environment and prevent pollution while recovering raw materials.

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