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 Junk removal in Paris 75016


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Since 2017, we have been doing storage. We have the necessary experience to satisfy your request.  You can count on a professional and responsive service. 

We empty apartments, commercial premises, cellars and all types of premises in the 16th arrondissement (Avenue Foch, avenue Victor Hugo, avenue Kléber, avenue d'Iéna, rue Boileau, rue de Passy, avenue Marceau, rue Claude Lorrain, Trocadéro, Kléber , rue de la Pompe, Muette, etc.).

clearance Paris 16

Apartment clearance in Paris 16

You live in the 16th arrondissement and for reasons of sale, inheritance, retirement home, redevelopment, etc. to make room in your home, etc. you need to clear out your apartment. we understand the importance of every detail. We understand that you need a professional service to completely empty your apartment or get rid of appliances, furniture and bulky items.

We carry out our missions by ensuring that their various aspects are handled with care and professionalism (efficiency, discretion, cleanliness). Whether to coordinate the intervention of several people, maneuver suitable vehicles through the streets of Paris, or find the best recycling channels for each object, we are committed to exceeding your expectations.

As clearance specialists in the 16th arrondissement, we understand the importance of the value of the goods you wish to part with. This is why we take objects and furniture into account when evaluating our intervention. In some cases this value can even be deducted from our quote, providing free or reduced cost clearance for our most demanding customers. + information

Cellar clearance in Paris 16


Are you looking for a cellar clearance service in Paris 16? Whether it's to reorganize your space, declutter, or prepare for a sale, our specialized team is here to help you. Our service guarantees you an efficient and discreet intervention, meeting your specific needs.

As cellar clearance experts in Paris, we manage every aspect of the mission with care and professionalism and we can ensure optimal execution.

We also understand the importance of the value of the assets you wish to part with. 

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The stages of your clearance


We offer personalized quotes for clearances. We go on site to assess the work or we can do it on photos if necessary provided that the elements provided allow a clear estimate of the task to be carried out. We have a suitable vehicle, equipment and supplies necessary for each intervention. Each request is handled professionally, whether for a small quantity of items or a larger task, taking into account the nature of the work, whether physical or dirty.



Upon arrival, we proceed to prepare the work if necessary by bagging and dismantling the furniture. We then remove the objects by staircase or elevator, and in rare cases by furniture elevator. We undertake to return empty premises in accordance with your expectations and to respect the common areas of your building by ensuring cleaning after our visit if necessary. We are insured for civil liability, thus guaranteeing a secure intervention.



After clearing out, we sort bulky items to encourage their recycling. The different materials such as metal, household appliances, paper, toxic products, light bulbs, ink cartridges, coal, etc., are separated and placed in a recycling center. We are attentive to furniture and objects that could have a second life, and we revalue them for their usefulness and/or their aesthetic interest, thus contributing to responsible waste management.

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Some examples of clearances in PARIS 16th:

-Complete clearance of a 2-room apartment rue Boileau

-Clearance for a business New York Avenue

- Cellar clearance Eglise d'Auteuil sector

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