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 Junk removal in Paris 75015

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Since 2017, we have been clearing apartments, cellars, commercial premises, boxes, houses and common areas of condominiums in nour sector of Paris and its surroundings: Hauts-de-Seine, Seine-Saint-Denis, Val-de-Marne.

We are based in the 15th arrondissement and we know it well. We  We carried out numerous clearings there: Cambronne, Commerce, Convention, Vaugirard, Boucicaut, Charles Michels, Dupleix, Portes de Versailles...


Clearing out an apartment or cellar

Sale, inheritance, retirement home, accumulation... You need to make space, empty an apartment or cellar, get rid of appliances, furniture, objects. You need the help of several people, an adapted vehicle that you are not used to driving, recycling places to get rid of what you no longer want. You cannot carry a washing machine or dismantle furniture, you do not know how to fit a vehicle of 10m3 or more into Paris, you cannot juggle all the good recycling channels, which are sometimes restrictive. Our role is to do this work for you. We get rid of your bulky items several tons, your clearance specialist in Paris 15!  If you have interesting objects and furniture, we take them into account as a deduction from the value of our quote. So in some cases it may be a free clearance.  + information



Business clearance

Clear out your offices, businesses, boutiques and storage... You make space by getting rid of some archives or furniture, you clear out a business in Paris 15 in a more substantial way, we are a local service provider for your clearances. We work with discretion so as not to distract from the smooth running of your activity.  + information

Clearance of common areas

Your trustee mandates us to clear away bulky items left in the common areas of your co-ownership. Condominiums are usually exposed to illegal dumping in more or less hidden places. The most frequent type of intervention is the abandonment of bulky items in cellar corridors, old furniture, bulky work items, paint cans. This can range from clearing a few items from the cellar to several cubic meters. +information

clearance Paris 15

Mastoc Debarras offers a reactive and professional junk pick up service, possibly free for your riddance.


We are located in PARIS in the 15th district. We operate in all the districts of PARIS and in all the districts of Ile-de-France (Hauts de Seine, Seine-Saint-Denis, Val-de-Marne, Essonne, Yvelines, Val-d'Oise).


We get rid of all types of junk from one object to several tonnes in apartments, houses, cellars, boxes, offices, commercial premises ...

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Mastoc Debarras offers you its responsive and professional storage service , possibly free of charge.

Mastoc Débarras intervenes for the clearance of apartments, commercial premises, cellars and all types of premises in the 1st arrondissement (Châtelet, Les Halles, rue du Louvre, rue de Rivoli, Palais-Royal, Etienne Marcel, Pyramides, rue Quimcampoix, rue Saint Denis, boulevard Sébastopol ...). We adapt to the specificities of these neighborhoods where it is not always easy to park.

We respond to requests for quotes as quickly as possible. Responsiveness is our hallmark.  

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