Junk removal in paris

Mastoc Debarras offers a reactive and professional junk pick up service, possibly free for your riddance.


We are located in PARIS in the 15th district. We operate in all the districts of PARIS and in all the districts of Ile-de-France (Hauts de Seine, Seine-Saint-Denis, Val-de-Marne, Essonne, Yvelines, Val-d'Oise).


We get rid of all types of junk from one object to several tonnes in apartments, houses, cellars, boxes, offices, commercial premises ...

Débarras pour particuliers

Junk removal for individuals

You are an individual and you must empty an apartment or a cellar before a move, a sale or a rental. We offer low-cost storage services, free storage (upgrading of objects), as well as a whole range of services (cleaning, storage, opening of cellar doors).

Débarras pour entreprise

Junk removal for companies

You are a company that renews its furniture: we get rid of your desks, armchairs, metal cupboards, boxes, plants, IT equipment ... We free up space for you. Do you want to destroy archives? We do it for you by providing you with a certificate of archive destruction.

Débarras pour pros de l'immobilier

Junk removal for estate agents

You are a real estate agency that sells apartments or houses, trustee in charge of building management, rental manager in charge of apartment management: you must have bulky items removed in common areas, a tenant left leaving furniture, you need to empty an apartment.


  1. Quick and free quote

  2. Privacy

  3. Respect for private and common areas

  4. Compliance with the rules in force of waste recycling

  5. Insurance covering damages occurring within the framework of our mission


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