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Welcome to your Trusted Partner for Junk Removal in Paris

Your clearances in Paris for individuals and professionals

Since 2017, we have been clearing apartments in Paris, cellars, commercial premises, boxes, houses and common areas of co-ownerships. We are located at Paris 15 and we do clearances throughout the city and its surroundings. We clear out all types and quantities. We attach particular importance to good recycling practices and revaluation. Quotes are free and can sometimes be done on photos.

clear out apartment and cellar in Paris

Apartment clearance in Paris

Sale, inheritance, retirement home, accumulation... We are specialists in apartment clearance in Paris. You can contact us to remove your bulky items from an object  several tons. Get a quote quickly and  rapid intervention for your clearance in Paris. + information

Business clearance

Get rid of your offices, businesses, boutiques and storage, events, we can take into account the value of certain materials. + information

Clearance of common areas

The trustees mandate us to clear bulky items abandoned in common areas of co-ownership: bicycle rooms, cellar corridors, courtyards, parking lots and attics. 

Free quote - Call 00337. or fill out our contact form

Our clearence services in Paris meets your needs

All kind of removals

For your apartment clearance in Paris or for your cellar, your furniture, objects, cardboards, archives, household appliances, rubble, coal and other bulky items, for end-of-life items whose next destination is recycling, papers to be destroyed or your toxic products, we transport them to the recycling center or to other existing recycling channels.​

We are used to moving heavy loads and know Parisian buildings well.

We take care of all types of quantities and all types of bulky items.


Free removal in Paris

For your empty apartment including quality objects and furniture, we take their value into account when drawing up the estimate. The proposal made to you is deducted from the amount of the service and depending on its importance, the disposal may be free.

 If the storage room is not free, its value can sometimes be significantly reduced by the deduction of the values ​​taken into account.

We are particularly interested in certain types of furniture and decorative objects, paintings, engravings, sculptures, military medals, trinkets, lighting, recent household appliances, electronic devices...

If needed, you can send us just photos for  an estimate


We draw up an estimate for paid clearance or free clearance. We travel to Paris and its surroundings to assess the quantity and weight of the objects to be cleared as well as the access parameters and quickly send you a quote. We can make an estimate remotely if you send us enough information to estimate the clearance.



After acceptance of the estimate for a storage room in Paris, we plan the date of intervention according to your availability. We take into account the difficulty of the disposal, the quantity and type of objects to be evacuated, as well as the constraints related to the location to determine the number of disposals necessary. We come equipped with a suitable vehicle and all the necessary equipment to carry out the disposal efficiently. We are experienced in the disposal of all types of furniture and objects, whether small quantities or large tasks, physical or messy work.



When we carry out a clearance, we take care of all aspects of the evacuation of furniture and bulky objects including their dismantling: bookcases, tables, sofas, beds, cupboards, etc. We are experienced in the evacuation of all types of heavy objects such as washing machines, stoves, refrigerators, sofas, mattresses, box springs, etc. We guarantee you premises that are perfectly emptied and clean after our visit. We take care not to damage the common areas of apartment buildings.

Recycling - Disposal

As an eco-responsible company, we are committed to managing unusable items appropriately by sending them to waste treatment centers. We ensure that all items are sorted and directed to the most appropriate recycling or disposal options to minimize our environmental impact. We ensure that recyclable materials are sent to the appropriate recycling centers. We pay particular attention to the treatment of toxic products (paints, varnishes, solvents, coal, engine oil, ink cartridges, batteries and accumulators, household cleaning products, etc.).


Free quote - Call 00337. or fill out our contact form

Can my disposal be done quickly?

We adapt to the requests of our customers and we are used to receiving urgent requests. We are sometimes required to process a request during the day and we do it with pleasure if we have the possibility. However, we are in demand and we must always ensure our availability. To find out more, do not hesitate to fill out our contact form.

How to remove a single piece of furniture in Paris?

We do any type of storage from an object. You can contact us whatever the importance of your need. For a piece of furniture, we can be able to give you an estimate by email on photo. Schedule the chosen pickup date​, we come according to your availability.

What is the price of a storage room in Paris?

The price of a clearance is variable and depends on several important factors such as the volumes and weight to be cleared, the ease/difficulty of access to the location of the clearance, the number of clearers necessary for the accomplishment of the mission. The volumes and weights to be disposed of are important because they determine the costs associated with the treatment of bulky items. The ease/difficulty of accessing the location of the clearance is also important as it can affect the time required to carry out the clearance  The number of clearance workers required for the accomplishment of the mission is also important as it determines the personnel costs . We take all of these factors into account to establish accurate and fair quotes for our clients.

How long will my storage last?

Most of our clearances last a few hours, but for larger projects such as completely emptying an apartment, the clearance can last 2 or 3 days. However, we adapt to the needs of our customers and work efficiently to minimize delays. We systematically provide you with time estimates to give you an idea of the duration of the clearance.

You need more opinions,here are the testimonials from our customers;

- A clearance in PARIS 15 on the 6th floor without elevator as part of a retirement.

- A free apartment clearance in Paris 6th as part of an inheritance.

- A cellar clearance in Paris 15 as part of a real estate sale.

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