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Since 2017, we have been doing all types of removal. We empty apartments, cellars, commercial premises, boxes, houses and common areas of condominiums in our sector of Paris and its surroundings: Hauts-de-Seine, Seine-Saint-Denis, Val-de-Marne.

Apartment or basement storage room

Sale, succession, departure to a retirement home, accumulation... We clear your bulky objects of an object  to several tons.  more information

Company storeroom

Get rid of your  offices,  shops, boutiques and storage...  more information


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Paid removal or free removal?​

Paid removal

For your apartment or for your cellar, get rid of your furniture, objects and bulky items to deposit them in the recycling center. There is nothing recoverable and everything is thrown away in view of the best possible recycling.


Reduced removal and free removal

For your removal including recoverable objects and furniture, taken into account in the establishment of the estimate. The proposal made to you is deducted from the amount of the service and depending on its importance, the disposal may possibly be free of charge.


Free quote - Call or fill out our contact form

The steps of the clearance​


We draw up an estimate for paid clearance or free clearance. We travel to Paris and its surroundings to assess the quantity and weight of the objects to be cleared as well as the access parameters and quickly send you a quote. We can make an estimate remotely if you send us enough information to estimate the clearance.



After acceptance of the estimate, we plan the date of the removal. Depending on the difficulty of the clearing, the presence of one or more clearing agents is required. We come with an adapted vehicle and our pick-up equipment.



On the day of the clearance, if necessary, we dismantle the tables, sofas, beds, cupboards... We are used to clearing all types of heavy objects such as washing machines, stoves, fridges, sofas... We take care of the state of cleanliness of the cleared place and not to damage the common areas of apartment buildings.



We put bulky items from the storage room in the recycling center. They are sorted according to their category to be recycled in the appropriate channels.

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