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Syllogomania is a disease characterized by compulsively accumulating objects leading to neglected living conditions. Compulsive accumulation will gradually impact mobility and interfere with basic activities such as housework, washing dishes. Hygiene and sleep are also greatly affected.

Syllogomania, in its most extreme forms, can be the cause of an invasion of insects or rodents ... The risk of fire is not to be taken lightly either;

It has been proven that the syllogomania also affects relationships with others, particularly, the close entourage.

Several studies have established a correlation between syllogomania and obsessive disorders compulsive (OCD). This pathology tends to appear in pre-adolescence and worsen with the years .

The treatment of syllogomania is often multidisciplinary: cognitive therapy and behavioral and / or antidepressant treatment

Some cases have become famous like the Langley brothers and Homer Lusk Collyer: they were nicknamed the Hermits of Harlem and had accumulated over 136 tons of bulky items in their three-story building in New York. They died in 1947.

Mastoc Débarras works regularly on this type of accommodation.

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