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Junk removal for co-ownership


The trustees commission us to clear out bulky items abandoned in common areas of co-ownerships in Paris.


Article R 111-26 of the construction and housing code provides that they ensure that the common areas are maintained in good condition and safety. As a company mandated by the trustees, we therefore ensure that bulky abandoned items are evacuated.

The presence of bulky items in the corridors of Parisian cellars is common and we know how to remove them reactively and quickly.


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If you are a trustee, you are unfortunately sometimes confronted with the indelicacy of occupants or companies who abandon all types of bulky items with disregard for the other occupants of your managed buildings. We are used to this type of situation and we work in cellars, parking lots, stairwells and attics to enable you to comply with the safety rules in force and maintain the good appearance of your co-ownerships.

Attic clearance is very messy. We take this into account and we carefully remove the rubble, furniture and objects. It is physical work depending on the season, volumes and weights, especially for Parisian buildings because the places to be emptied are often in buildings of 6 floors.

clear out attic
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